How custom origami workshops can take your virtual event to the next level – origami apples and strawberrys for online grocery delivery company team event

Customised Origami Workshops Who would have thought that in 2022 so many of our interactions would happen online, but since the pandemic, everything has changed for so many companies. We’re now looking for something new and original, but that feels personalised and individual to keep our teams engaged and connected online. This is where our […]

5 Reasons Online Origami Workshops are ideal for Online Team Building

I have been running Online Origami Workshops now for over 2 years and have been so suprised and satisfied to see how effective they are to bring teams together virtually from all over the world – here are a 5 things I often hear from participants as to why they work so well – some of them might suprise you!

Horror-gami! Spooky Virtual Halloween Origami Workshops!

Halloween Origami Workshops

It’s that time of year again when everything suddenly begins to take on a purply-green hue and things get a little more spoookkkyy! (cue scary music!) so here’s introducing our Halloween Origami Workshops – Horrorgami! Yes, Halloween is coming up at the end of next month, and though I don’t subscribe to the more gory […]

Custom Rainbow Origami Workshops for Pride Month

I love to keep my Online Origami Workshops fresh and up to date, and really like to personalise them where I can, so I designed some super fun Origami rings for Pride Month 2021! Here’s my favourite one, folded from 8 pieces of paper. I love how the (almost) rectangular bands are a bit like […]

Matisse and Contemporary Paper Artists – Rheged Gallery, Penrith

Michael Trew Phyllotaxis 2.1

Project Description I was delighted to be invited to make two original pieces for the Summer Show at the Rheged Centre, Penrith – a group show of 40 leading Paper Artists along side the Hayward Gallery Touring Show of Matisse’s late works, “Drawing with Scissors” My two pieces, Phyllotaxis 2.1 and Tetrataxis are both inspired […]

Explorations in Origami Design – Origami Pheonix Design

Origami Phoenix Design

I love the challenge of trying to design a few origami model to brief, and for this project there was the extra added twist – it had to be a model I could teach virtually to over 100 beginners in only 30minutes for an event entitled “Rise Up!”, quite the challenge!! There are a good […]

The Economist World In Publication Origami Commission

The Economist World In Origami

Project Description We created a range of original Origami models for The Economist’s annual publication, “The World In”. The models included an Editor’s typewriter, a replica of the Capitol Building, and a classic video camera amongst others which each represented one of the key contributors to the edition. The final models were sent out to […]