Horror-gami! Spooky Virtual Halloween Origami Workshops!

Halloween Origami Workshops

It’s that time of year again when everything suddenly begins to take on a purply-green hue and things get a little more spoookkkyy! (cue scary music!) so here’s introducing our Halloween Origami Workshops – Horrorgami! Yes, Halloween is coming up at the end of next month, and though I don’t subscribe to the more gory […]

Custom Rainbow Origami Workshops for Pride Month 2021

I love to keep my Online Origami Workshops fresh and up to date, and really like to personalise them where I can, so I designed some super fun Origami rings for Pride Month 2021! Here’s my favourite one, folded from 8 pieces of paper. I love how the (almost) rectangular bands are a bit like […]

Explorations in Origami Design – Origami Pheonix Design

Origami Phoenix Design

I love the challenge of trying to design a few origami model to brief, and for this project there was the extra added twist – it had to be a model I could teach virtually to over 100 beginners in only 30minutes for an event entitled “Rise Up!”, quite the challenge!! There are a good […]

The Economist World In Publication Origami Commission

The Economist World In Origami

Project Description We created a range of original Origami models for The Economist’s annual publication, “The World In”. The models included an Editor’s typewriter, a replica of the Capitol Building, and a classic video camera amongst others which each represented one of the key contributors to the edition. The final models were sent out to […]