How custom origami workshops can take your virtual event to the next level – origami apples and strawberrys for online grocery delivery company team event

Customised Origami Workshops

Who would have thought that in 2022 so many of our interactions would happen online, but since the pandemic, everything has changed for so many companies.

We’re now looking for something new and original, but that feels personalised and individual to keep our teams engaged and connected online.

This is where our customised Origami Workshops come in and offer a brand new experience of connecting and building team online – Not only do you get to fold a range of fun and engaging models as per our normal workshops, but we work hard to create new and fresh models related directly to your company.

One of the fun challenges in hosting Online Origami Workshops is how to structure and plan a session. For those who are new to Origami, it can be intimidating to go straight into difficult models, so I like to build the sessions up from super simple intro models to those that are a little more challenging. I also give extra challenges to those who are storming ahead, so that I can keep everyone engaged.

When it comes to customised workshops, I have to initially design or pick a model that would work well for the brand, but then also work out how to teach it in such a way that no one gets left behind.

Logos are particularly difficult, and I love the challenge of designing Origami versions of them for my clients!

These strawberries and apples were a lot of fun to teach – they are classic models, but then with the addition of the leaf and a few other tweaks, they felt very fresh and a lot of fun in our workshop with an Online Grocery Delivery company.

Michael was awesome! He was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He made it easy to book and create a great experience for our team. He’s clearly extremely knowledgeable about origami but is also very skilled in leading virtual events. I felt like his ability to watch the group and move at a pace that worked for everyone was great. I’d highly recommend booking Papershake for your next event.

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