Custom Rainbow Origami Workshops for Pride Month

I love to keep my Online Origami Workshops fresh and up to date, and really like to personalise them where I can, so I designed some super fun Origami rings for Pride Month 2021!

Here’s my favourite one, folded from 8 pieces of paper.

I love how the (almost) rectangular bands are a bit like the stripes from the Pride Flag, and also how the colours mix up through the model.

Of course the Traditional Gay Pride flag has only 6 colours, but there are now over 30 different flags you can explore with loads of different colour combinations!

Infact, Philadelphia added brown and black at the top of their flag in 2017 to spotlight the importance of including queer people of color in the LGBTQ+ community, so that should be my next version!

I’ll try to give it a go before the end of the Summer and update on here!


Update: I didn’t have any brown paper, but did an Black and White one – I’ll get some brown asap and update v2.2!

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