Horror-gami! Spooky Virtual Halloween Origami Workshops!

It’s that time of year again when everything suddenly begins to take on a purply-green hue and things get a little more spoookkkyy! (cue scary music!) so here’s introducing our Halloween Origami Workshops – Horrorgami!

Yes, Halloween is coming up at the end of next month, and though I don’t subscribe to the more gory side of it (can’t stomach zombies in any shape or form!), I rather enjoy a Black Cat or a rather lopsided Jack’o’Lantern.

In fact, when I had a studio in Hackney Wick, one of the local model makers would host a pumpkin carving event each year on a bridge in the area.

There would be people from all over carving lanterns – it was such a fun evening, and they would illuminate the Hackney Wick landscape for a few nights – thanks, Andy!

I’ve sadly moved on from Hackney Wick now (a story for another blog post!), but here is my homage to the scariest day of the year!

Horror-gami Online Halloween Workshops

I led the first Papershake Horrorgami Halloween origami workshop last year and they went down a treat, so here we are for another blast!

I always like to make my workshops as accessible as possible, so we always start with some super simple models to warm up – and Horrorgami is the same!

What we fold in a Halloween Origami Workshop

First, we fold a simple 2 piece Black Cat – if you have a white pencil to hand that’s perfect for getting some features in on black paper, but even if not, this is a super simple a cute intro.

(I know, I said I’m not into the more violent side, cute all the way!)

The second model, some Scary Halloween Origami Fangs is the scariest you’ll get here! And I only include them because I am so proud of the model design.

It’s a brand new model for 2021 – it looks similar to the one I taught last year, but is SOOO much easier to fold as is from 2 pieces. This means that even if you don’t have a kit/”proper” origami paper you can still get the 2 colour effect!

There’s plenty of other fun models to try too.

Of course a Pumpkin,

And then either a Bat

…or a more challenging Spider to get your finger around!

Basically, it’s a nice excuse to get the team together if you’re all working remotly, and enjoy something a little different for Halloween this year, so do drop us an email for more information!

Getting stuck in with this more challenging 8 legged origami Spider!

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