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Online Origami Workshops from Papershake Origami

We offer engaging and interactive Virtual Origami Workshops with clients inc. Google, Paypal  & eBay – the perfect way to keep your  teams together whilst physically apart.

We host Virtual Origami Sessions for small groups to 1000+ conferences for team building days, conferences, webinars, and other events, including bespoke origami workshops customised to meet your individual needs.

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Virtual Origami Workshops

Some of the brands we have worked with

About Our Virtual Origami Workshops

Online Origami Workshops

Meet Your Host
Michael Trew

Michael is a full-time origami artist of over 10 years, with experience working for clients including Clarks Shoes, Pandora, Michael Kors, Timeout London and Visa amongst others 

He has been involved in origami for over 30 years and has worked on stop frame animation projects, large scale installations, shop windows and branding projects 

Since 2020 he has taken his work online, leading virtual origami workshops with teams internationally with participants across the five continents, groups up to 1000+. Clients have included Intel, PWC, Microsoft, and Trustpilot, with a focus on making the sessions as clear, engaging and as interactive as possible.

What to expect from our virtual origami workshops

Don’t worry if your team are new to Origami, our sessions are tailored for beginners and begin with an introduction to Origami and Papershake to help put participants at ease and share some top tips.

Over the course of a 60 minute workshop you’ll fold a range of 5 to 8 simple yet fun and engaging origami models from our wide range of options including animals, flowers, decorations and fun toys.

You can start folding right away using standard A4/printer paper so there is no need for specialist materials, and our tried and tested two camera inset setup means you can see Michael’s hands and face at the same time – makes it simple to follow along!

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Some Of The Models We Teach in Our Origami Workshops

We have a wide selection of origami models we can teach in our virtual origami workshops.
All tried and tested for a fun and engaging online origami class!

Video Conferencing Software We Use

A selection of frequently asked questions

We recommend 60 minute sessions as these are long enough to fold a good range of models and develop complexity over the session, but not so long that people are exhausted by the end. We like to leave people keen to fold more when they leave us!

We can of course offer custom length sessions, and have worked extensively with event management teams for workshops to fit in small segments across an event/conference.

We like to keep the live origami workshops interactive and so encourage our participants to keep their cameras on, to ask questions, to use the chat box and to be active in the workshop. 

We like to see these origami classes as an opportunity for fun and lighter interactions than a regular online meeting, so questions, feedback and friendly competition/banter is actively encouraged!

Yes, no problem at all! All of our multi camera magic and inserts etc is managed outside of Zoom so we can use any other package with no problem at all – Teams, Webex, Google Meets, etc

Of course! We understand the need for pre-recorded virtual origami workshops, and have worked with the likes of Intel, Paypal and BT to produce quality videos at 1920×1080 30p following a guide script and mentioning the client/event/hashtags etc organically throughout.

We can of course offer custom length sessions, and have worked extensively with event management teams for workshops to fit in small segments across an event/conference.

Yes! We can organise a bespoke origami workshop for you which might mean designing and teaching a unique model (previous workshops include the Trustpilot Star and Accenture logo), or including certain models linked to your brand or event. Just get in touch to discuss further!

We can also customise our Origami kits with clients’ branding on them if that’s of interest.

We use quality cameras and microphones for our virtual origami workshops (Canon 5D, R800, Blue Yeti) and use OBS software to compile and switch camera angles/inset videos. 

We can produce quality pre-recorded MP4 videos at 1920×1080 30p.

One of the great things about origami is that you really don’t need anything that special to get started, and our workshops work perfectly well using simple A4/printer paper – just a few sheets and you’ll be ready to get folding.

Of course! We offer Origami Kits for those who want something a little special, and can send these out in advance of the workshop.

We’ve sent kits worldwide to date and they do add an extra dimension to the sessions, though please be aware of shipping times for international kits.

Our fees vary depending on your event, length of workshops, number of participants and level of customisation etc, but please do drop us an email with your details and we will get back to you ASAP!

Get in touch to discuss your ideas for a bespoke workshop.

We are pretty busy in the next few weeks, but have a few spots available. Thursday/Friday/Evenings tend to book up earlier so it’s best to get in touch early to secure your ideal time!

Great to hear you’re ready to book! It would be great to work with you!

Just drop us an email with your details and date/time you’d like to book and we’ll get back to you asap (normally within 24hrs)

We generally ask for payment in advance as confirmation of the booking, but can offer credit card payment options to make this easier.

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Michael is wonderful and incredibly talented, we have had nothing but fantastic feedback from our clients. It's always a pleasure to work with him and would highly recommend!

Georgia B - Event Manager

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Origami workshop

Michael is wonderful and incredibly talented, we have had nothing but fantastic feedback from our clients. It's always a pleasure to work with him and would highly recommend!

Georgia B - Event Manager

What others say about our virtual origami workshops

A selection of reviews from past clients from our Google Review page – click here for more!

Jack I
Jack I
Read More
We had a company Origami session with Michael and the event was great! It was well-structured, engaging and really fun! We have received a lot of positive feedback from colleagues and I will be recommending Papershake Origami to others.
Hannah W
Hannah W
Read More
Michael ran virtual origami workshops for us and he was really positive, calm, enthusiastic and patient! All 16 of us followed his clear instructions and it was a fantastic and calming workshop. We all loved it and I would highly recommend him! Hannah
Mariota S
Mariota S
Read More
Michael led our company for an origami session on Zoom, and we all had the best time! Michael is calm, encouraging and patient, and the clever tech he uses makes every class easy to follow - it's a super professional operation! We all loved the session so much that we booked him a second time! Thanks Michael!
Nick R
Nick R
Read More
An absolute zest fest. Big up to M.Trew. He hosted a 30ish person origami class for our company. He went at an excellent speed, was clear and even threw in some fresh tips on how to craft the ultimate paper aeroplane on request. Thank you and well done!
Rachel S
Rachel S
Read More
Michael delivered a fantastic workshop over zoom for a team 'offsite' this week. It was so relaxing, easy to follow, and really good fun. I'd definitely recommend Michael's origami workshops as the ideal Christmas team activity for all levels of creativity! His double camera setup meant you didn't miss any of the steps, and he was so encouraging to those who fell behind or got confused. Thank you!
Lizzy T
Lizzy T
Read More
We had a company Origami night led by Michael and it was really fun! I thought I would be terrible but Michael was clear, went at a great pace and we ended up making some cool stuff! Would definitely recommend for people looking for company events that work well held over zoom!